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Working with Gwen Gannon and her team has been a great experience. They are extremely thorough, thoughtful, and highly professional, while also providing useful information so that we could succeed with our clinic wide grant funded services. It has been a total pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend the GDG Inc. team and their services.
Karen S. Franklin, Vice President of Clinical Services
ServiceNet, Inc.
I have been working with Gwen Gannon and her team since 2018. We have worked on 3 grants during this time. All of which overlapped to some degree. I appreciate the level of organization and teamwork Gwen brings. Our weekly meetings keep us on track and up to date on our progress. This has been especially vital during the implementation of the CCBHC grant across 5 clinics. The team works with staff to collect data and they attend weekly meetings. Gwen and her team has helped CHD be successful in data submission. Our baseline rates are excellent and the reassessments rates are always above expected targets. Gwen’s proactive collaborative problem-solving has been valuable to keep the NOMs submissions on track and continually improving. Our mid-annual and annual reports are always early. Gwen offers her experience and practical know-how to advise and support me with report writing. She has been working with SAMHSA for many years and her insight into that agency has been invaluable.
Elinor Janvrin, LMHC – CCBHC Grant Program Director
Center for Human Development, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Gwen Gannon and her team since 2008. My experience with Gwen includes working closely on two grant projects, PASOS in 2008-2012 and ACRA from 2012 to 2013. The goals of both of these projects included working intensely with youth and young adults struggling with substance abuse issues to get them connected to supports in the community including housing, sober supports, therapy, and medication management. Gwen was responsible for completing the grant writing and data management on both projects over the life of each grant. Gwen had a great rapport with staff and was able to motivate and support them to collect data each month which put both projects well within the project goals of 100% intake and a minimum of 80% reassessment rate. Both programs close out with a 100% intake and 95% + reassessment rates. She also completed focus groups during the PASOS program to obtain clients perspective on what was working well in the program as well as learn areas of growth. Gwen had a strong ability to connect with clients as well which made them open to share their experience during the focus groups. Her down-to-earth and fun attitude made it so enjoyable to work with her and added to the success of both projects. She is a longtime colleague and friend.
Katherine Fontaine, LICSW
The Restorative Wellness Center
I, as well as other members of the National Council team, have had the pleasure of working with Gwen several times over the last 10 years on numerous projects related to the integration of behavioral health and primary care services. I can tell you that in each of those instances, Gwen’s intellect and attention to detail has always enhanced the final product and has been a key factor in the success of the project. We have witnessed her first-hand as she provided keen insights and analysis to our other clients to help them solve problems. Her can-do spirit and passion for the work gives everyone confidence that solutions can be found for even the toughest of challenges.
Aaron Williams, Senior Director, Practice Improvement & Consulting Integrated Health Consultant
National Council for Mental Wellbeing
As the Project Coordinator of a brand new program at the YWCA, I have found working with the Gwen D. Gannon Inc. (GDG Inc.) to be a huge advantage. The GDG Inc. team has gone above and beyond in providing guidance and assistance throughout the process of applying and engaging the Institutional Review Board. The GDG Inc. team has provided a wealth of knowledge, which contributed to building a strong programmatic foundation for our program. Through weekly meetings, GDG Inc. has been consistently engaging and motivating. The GDG Inc. team has provided insight, education, and offered potential solutions to barriers faced by my team. After a successful Year 1 of developing and implementing this new program, the GDG Inc. team produced an insightful Process and Outcome Evaluation that was shared internally and with the program funder. I would highly recommend the Gwen D. Gannon Inc. as a program evaluation partner.
Chelsea Isom
YWCA of Western Massachusetts
I have known Gwen as a fellow evaluator of programs for persons who are homeless with co-occurring severe mental illness and substance use. She is thorough in her preparation and management of the entire evaluation process. She uses a participatory evaluation approach, which ensures that all affected parties are included in the development of the evaluation, its implementation, and the analysis of evaluation results. As such she is able to include persons from typically marginalized groups and ensure culturally responsive and equitable evaluations. Gwen’s skills include management of evaluation advisory groups and both qualitative and quantitative analytic skills. I have also worked with Gwen on other projects including the writing and publication of articles outlining our research with homeless persons with co-occurring substance use. Her input and editorial contributions were invaluable to the quality of the articles. It has been a pleasure to have the continuing opportunity to collaborate with Gwen, one I value significantly.
Brian G. Dates, M.A.
Brian Dates Consulting

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